Teacher Professional Development

DNREC offers a variety of teacher professional development opportunities to enhance the learning environment for students in the Delaware region. Through these trainings and workshops, educators gain hands-on experience and access to resources that they can in turn relay to their students.
Green Eggs & Sand
Green Eggs & Sand is an innovative workshop experience and set of curriculum modules designed to explore the Atlantic horseshoe crab/shorebird connection as well as the challenges of resource management. Where traditional workshops focus on demonstrating the use of curriculum, this workshop, developed by aquatic education specialists from Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland, promotes increased understanding of the fundamental issues and science that go into management and decision-making. Interest in this topic has led to workshops up and down the coast, serving educators from 21 states and 3 foreign countries.
The DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife's Eco-Explorers 5th-grade field trip on salt marsh ecosystems requires a teacher orientation workshop prior to bringing the students to the Aquatic Resources Education Center (AREC). At the workshop, teachers are provided with training and resource materials to use in the classroom so that students can prepare for the field trip and learn about the ecosystem they'll be visiting. The activity packets include assessment materials to measure student knowledge before and after the classroom activities and field trip experience.
Learning from History
Delaware State Parks holds several teacher/professional development trainings in various subject areas. Programs at First State Heritage Park provide background information about Legislative Hall, walking tours of the Green, and other historic information about buildings and people of Delaware's past. These trainings prepare teachers not only for trips outside the classroom, but for everyday activities with students in history and civics classes. Interpretive lessons, like those given in state parks, help to engage students through alternative learning strategies so that individuals at all learning levels can be inspired to continue their education.
School Recycling Program
DNREC staff are available to come to your school or entire school district and perform an on-site waste assessment at no cost. This program wants to help teachers and staff with implementing and expanding recycling programs through conducting waste audits, informational presentations, or other instructional services related to compostingrecycling and, waste reduction and use. The goal is to effectively reach all Delaware schools and instill in the students the importance of recycling and waste reduction in our state.
Find out how to get involved by talking to DNREC Recycling staff at 302-739-9403 (option 4).

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