Go Green: Clean Transportation

Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program
Rebates through the Clean Transportation Incentive Program support Delaware citizens and businesses in buying or leasing new alternative fuel vehicles. Examples of alternative fuel vehicles are battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric cars, propane, and natural gas vehicles. The program also works in alignment with Delaware's commitment to innovation in the transportation sector, reducing greenhouse gases and improving Delaware's air quality. The map to the right shows the rebates awarded to Delaware citizens and companies throughout the state by zip code. By clicking on any zip code, you can see how many rebates have been awarded in a given area as well as the amount of money this adds up to. This information is updated monthly and covers the time span from the creation of the rebate program in 2015 to the present. Visit the Open Data Portal to view the data for State Rebates for Alternative Fuel Vehicles.
Not only do alternative fuel vehicles reduce air pollution by eliminating tailpipe emissions, but they also reduce refueling and vehicle maintenance costs. On average in Delaware, it costs only $3 to fully charge an electric vehicle battery, which allows for an average of 100 miles of driving (depending on the vehicle). Electric vehicles also require no oil changes and fewer necessary tune-ups. Between federal tax credits, state rebates, and manufacturer incentives, the upfront cost of buying or leasing an electric car is becoming more affordable and comparable to gasoline vehicles. 
This chart shows the rebates awarded by county as a percentage and as a dollar amount, with the majority of the awards going to New Castle County.
The data shows that plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles are the most popular choices for purchase or lease by those participating in the Clean Transportation Incentive Program.
Below is a map provided by the U.S. Department of Energy that shows the public locations of stations for each type of alternative fuel vehicle.
Public Alternative Fuel Stations Map

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