Events for Students

Aside from field trips and classroom visits, DNREC hosts and sponsors many events geared toward K-12 education. A lot of these events give students from different schools the opportunity to participate in activities together or compete against each other. Events for students help to ensure that the important lessons and messages about Delaware's natural, historical, and cultural resources are spread across the state.
Arts, Culture, and Heritage (ArCH) Preservation Field Day 
Dover's First State Heritage Park hosts the ArCH Preservation Field Day for 4th graders throughout the state to celebrate Delaware's arts, culture, and heritage. This day is dedicated to educating students on preservation, how our cultural heritage impacts life today, how human society alters and is affected by the natural environment, and how art and culture have changed over time. It also provides teachers with an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts in order to supplement and enrich in-class learning. Additionally, many other parks, museums, and organizations all over the state partner with DNREC's ArCH program during the month of May to support the mission of engaging students through hands-on learning by hosting their own balanced variety of art, culture, and science programs. For information about ArCH and First State Heritage Park, call 302-739-9194. Learn more about school programs and events in the Teacher's Guide.
Junior Solar Sprint
DNREC has participated in the Junior Solar Sprint competition for over 20 years. Students from 5th to 8th grade build and race solar-powered model cars against other school teams from around the state, applying their classroom knowledge of renewable energy systems in a hands-on way. The competition is part of a national program sponsored by the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program, which encourages students to engage in problem-solving, teamwork, and creative scientific thinking to solve environmental challenges. DNREC Division of Energy and Climate works with the event partners to organize the event and score teams based on top speed in time trials, engineering design, and creative design.
Make a Splash!
DNERR, with the John Dickinson Plantation, hosts an event for 4th-graders every year called Make a Splash. Students from all over Delaware have the opportunity to learn about the importance of water resources through games and hands-on activities. Fostering this greater understanding of our natural resources will help to cultivate the next generation of environmental stewards. Event participation averages close to 700 students each school year. For those that cannot attend the main event, DNERR offers a Land, Water, and Delaware History field trip program on a separate day where kids can still get the full learning experience.
Healthy Kids Day
This event takes place for 4th graders each spring at Trap Pond State Park in Sussex County and for 3rd graders each fall at Killens Pond State Park in Kent County. It is a cooperative effort between DNREC and Delaware's Department of Health and Social Services to encourage students to participate in an active and healthy lifestyle through enjoying the outdoors. To participate, contact Jonathan Wickert at
The Delaware Envirothon is a state-wide competition offered as a program of the Delaware Association of Conservation Districts. It is locally sponsored by several divisions within DNREC as well as many other organizations, businesses, and individuals. The National Conservation Foundation organizes and sponsors the competition at the national level. Teams of high school students are tested through hands-on activities and written questions about several environmental themes. Scores are based on creativity, analytical thinking, and team-building skills. The main objectives are to promote awareness and resource management options for environmental issues. Students compete for scholarships and a chance to represent the state at the national competition held each summer.

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