A Learning Environment

Student Outreach

A major part of DNREC's mission is to provide educational opportunities to students on the historical, cultural, and natural significance of the environment. Creating a better understanding of the natural environment can inspire stewardship as well as protection and preservation of our historical and natural resources. DNREC encourages education at all ages, with a wide variety of lessons available for in-classroom learning and off-site exploration at our parks and other educational facilities.
Inspiring the next generation
Part of the mission to educate students is to make sure that educators are equipped with knowledge and necessary materials for teaching these important lessons in the classroom. DNREC holds various teacher professional development workshops to make sure that children everywhere have the opportunity to learn more about Delaware's natural and historical resources.  Aside from the many teaching resources we provide, DNREC supports environmentally themed events and competitions in the state, often in cooperation with other organizations outside the agency.   Additionally, a Young Environmentalist of the Year is honored by DNREC annually at the elementary, middle, and high school levels who are nominated for actions resulting in the protection, restoration, or enhancement of our state's natural resources.
And on the national level, the U.S. Department of Education also honors Green Ribbon schools for reduced environmental impacts, improved school health, and effective environmental education. These kinds of activities promote creativity, critical thinking, and innovation in the field of science.

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